Learning how to prepare ramen with Yamachan Ramen School was such an informative and fun experience. Chef Kumao conducted the class in an organized and professional manner. During the five-day training, Chef Kumao took the class on various field trips to sample foods from popular ramen shops in San Jose and vicinity. I strongly believe that these trips were essential - not only did I gain practical training, but more importantly, I also gained a better understanding of how to successfully operate a ramen business. Name of the instructor) was patient and kind when teaching students how to make ramen like professionals. Chef Kumao was knowledgeable about each and every ingredient and explained everything in detail, while also making sure to answer any questions that came up along the way.

During the first two days of this course, I learned how to master making the soup base from scratch. Then, I began preparing the base sauce and flavored oil to create the structure of ramen soup. With all 3 components prepared, I learned how to mix these components together in the perfect ratio to develop a complex broth that forms the basis of a great bowl of ramen. Next, I learned how to make noodles from scratch by studying the ingredients (flour, water, salt, egg, etc) and recipes. I also learned how to pair each type of noodle with the best soup bases. Last, but not least, every great bowl of ramen must be accompanied with toppings! Some of the toppings I learned how to make from scratch included chashu (pork slices), ajitsuke eggs (marinated soft boiled eggs), menma (bamboo shoots), and many more.

I highly, highly recommend Yamachan Ramen School to anyone looking to perfect the art of making a delicious bowl of ramen.

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